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Posting on a long dead journal

Well I came to ask w was up with TMC, but I think I got an answer... so I guess my problem here is solved.

Unless anyone has google Wave invites to offer, that is my next issue
Well as some should plainly see I've been tainted by Dr horrible.

anyway I've noticed a trend in blog and vlog (are they called vlog or v-blogs), which is to ask the tough and serious questions!

Who will win the election for the peoples republic of amerka

Does god hate gay people (I do not endorse this suggestion, I'm pro-get your freak on)?

So to keep in line with that whole umm bandwagon thing I'm jumping on the next wagon (that's likely gonna get painted) and joining in.

So I present to youes, the first tough question from taintedkiai
JEDI and a bunch of other netnames I use.

What won't meatloaf do for love, I mean what does he mean when he sings "I will do anything for love; but I won't do that... oh no I won't do that.", What won't he do?

And the dreams that you dreamed of

Well it's close enough to mid-year to require some kind of a ritual. The years end has its resolutions, that seem shyer then the breath to utter them, but hey.

So I proclaim the july ritual to be then naming of faults!

So happy JULY, and join in naming a few faults, self faults, nothing too tragic please.

I have an addiction to lolcats, it's a fault because it makes me laugh like a schoolgirl! I also enjoy and get a kick out of Michael Buble, and swing. play a decent swing song and I get alil sway and a click going. These are my faults I'm tragicly uncool and enjoy more elements from beyond my era.

And for a lil secret: I'm a closet poetry reader, can't write the stuff myself but I like to read it sometimes
I ran into an interesting French girl tonight, she reminded me of the french singer Soko, if you don't know! google her.

She was funny and entertaining, and then when it came to say goodbye,
I wasn't ready to let her go (nothing sexual I swear, she was an amazing person who's presence added alot to a already full club) so I invited her back to my house, and to decide she flipped a coin, it landed on 'tree'. It was some weird french coin, and Tree was her given answer.
So she hugged me and gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek and left with a smile and a wave. Turns out 'Tree' was go and "1" (the other side of the coin was go) was go, so I bid her farewell and let chance carry her course.

Youtube vs Rick roll

If you've never been rick rolled thank your lucky stars, if you have no idea what rick roll is you are almost as lucky.

If you interested google it, i know it may sound mean but serious it's the best way to get a full history (It is a meme after all), I mean it did start with a duck.... I shit you not it all started with a duck!

But since then it has evolved to be a trick or a joking jest, now because it requires a vid and music most times it is conducted via youtube. But recently people have been mentioning that youtube is infact disabling the embedding feature for rick rolls. :O

WTF mate, I mean I know Youtube sided with Scientology and censored anonymous, but what did rickrolling do wrong! it was fun an evolution of the internet culture, and then boohootube goes and tries to ruin the fun.
I'm sure there just trying to alienate there subscribers now.
To some this may not make sense,
Just when I was feeling like I had failed an old friend, and a promise (it might have been onesided) to keep a light burning, the matrix community is back!
www.matrixcommunity.org is awesome.

So my idea of starting a LJ rabbithole community may be put on hold. I'm hoping it may be included back at TMC

*fangirl squeel* it's back... I can't believe it

Long time no see~

I saw a girl tonight, someone I hadn't seem since a good friend of mine died almost a year ago! (it was cancer, nothing suprising! Didn't just sneak up on us [infact I think I might have mentioned it atleast once in my live journal].) Anyway she has since travelled the world and had the time of her life.

So what is the problem? well she has changed.... I swear she has changed, not only a new hair cut style of change, but a full image change. She once was the type of girl who wouldn't go outside without makeup, cared overly about her image. Well she came back and not only was she out not wearing make up her whole conversation style had changed I swear she had an increased IQ! She also acted different, it was little things but still I noticed a change. I swear I could also see it in her eyes!

Government sponsored simplicity

I've been forced since the start of the year into a life of close to poverty. I was forced to give up a wonderful and well playing job, my grades just didn't fancy myself last year. It wasn't the marks soo much. I was an slightly above average student, no suprise there. I suffered greatly in psychology because largely now it is all about science and maths. Long gone are the thinkers in psychology. Thank the spark of creation that there are still the caring and talented willing to change the future. Otherwise psychology will become a strict structured repeatfest (Oh crap I got stuck in a rant). So I was having a hard time finishing my requirments, my reading, my tutorial work and my assignments... oh brother. Well because of that this year I'm focusing less on my employment and life and more on my study. Since my main support is the 'Government', I've been living of a dole type payment for students.
Its where 'the man' gives us less then if we were looking for a job to fore go looking for a job so that we may study 40+ a week and earn an education to get a better paying job and pay more taxes.

So I was forced into poverty... then I realised that no it wasn't really it was Government sponsored simplicity.
Poverty is deprivation of those things that determine the quality of life, including food, clothing, shelter and safe drinking water, (Thank you wikipedia... crap a citation in a LJ post arrgh)
I'm not really missing out on all that, I've just been forced to cut back and tone down.
And you know what I think I'm better for it!

Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

Dear Mind,

When I am attempting to grasp contradictions and paradoxes please do me the favour of not blitzing out.

I know drawing connections between Schrodinger's Cat and Eugene Wigner's friend theories, and the idea of quantum consciousness, can be a hand full. But the last thing I need is 'you'/or me over riding my thought-processes and only leaving myself enough mental abilities to giggle at lolcats.

Thank you

Don't ask me why, I had a beautiful moment of clarity where somehow Wigner's friend theory and a unified many-world connected consciousness idea worked. Then bam my mind decided to ditch the high brain functions.
It was beautiful for a second I swear.

The loss of 'is'

Now people who know me from TMC will likely laugh at this but hey...I'm known for slaughtering grammar (and spelling).

I've lost my 'is', it's missing! WTF mate!

What do I mean? I was rereading and rewritting a paper for uni (psychology related) when I noticed an 'is'.
"Aphasia is a condition...", Oh my god; I can't come out and use is.

Is is definitive, is is stone clad unquestionable truth. The use outside of psychology sounds a level of ignorance and arrogance, it cuts out the idea of opinion, and re-enforces facts and holy held ideas of correctness because something 'is'. Black is black unless you register black differently; then black is a tone of grey... but it isn't a 'is' anymore.

I mentioned my discovery to a tutor, not the crazy personal views on is and such but the actual use of is in my paper. And how I picked it up, and corrected it. Only to be loled at and told a story about E-prime, a version of english devoid of is. created by a guy named Wilson. Common in scientific areas, even if it isn't called E-prime, and used for its research correctness.

So I guess the real question is can I get rid of is im my life completely...

Crap... I just used it twice once as an example of the word and once in the structure of the sentence.